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Your Privacy !  Documents and Confidential Information

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JDP Financial Group upholds the highest level of confidentiality.
  • JDP Financial Group will absolutely not sell, share, trade, or otherwise
    distribute any information, knowledge, data, or statistics regarding your
    personal or business affairs.
  • The only instances when information pertaining to you will leave our hands is when it must be supplied to a banking, lending, or governmental institution in
    accordance with the procedures mandated to achieve your financing goal. In
    any such instance, you will have complete knowledge and details, well in
    advance of that necessity.
  • JDP Financial Group employs strict safeguards to hold your affairs confidential.
    Our methods of handling and filing every client's documents and information
    inhibit even accidental disclosure or distribution to anyone not directly involved
    in working on your project. Though we will not divulge any details of our
    systems or procedures, we assure you that there are several redundant levels
    of protection.
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